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#SaraReads: Essay : Why virtual school has given us the much needed laughs

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Essay : Why virtual school has given us much needed laughs

Thanks to coronavirus, school has now become virtual. I know things are
pretty serious out there but as someone who goes to online class everyday,
let me tell you there are some light moments as well!

One day in one of my virtual classes, one of my friends asked me a riddle.
“Who came to India without a visa and passport?” I thought hard but
couldn’t come up with an answer. He said “coronavirus.” I laughed so hard.
One more friend had an interesting observation to make. She said that
before the coronavirus, people would love putting up fake social media
statuses saying they are sick but if they tried that trick now, the Surat
Municipal Corporation will take them to the hospital!

Here’s another funny incident. One day in English period when Ma’am
started the class, we all started laughing because her two daughters were
dancing behind her! It was a fun day but it made me realize how difficult it
has been for teachers.

They are working so hard day and night to teach us online. They are great as
they are managing their household chores and even teaching us online. It is
so difficult for them,still they are doing it happily without cribbing. Thank
you to all the teachers in this world for being with us even in this pandemic
and helping us gain wisdom.

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