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The Girl Who Was Boring | Bookosmia

The girl who was boring

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Lily. She went to the city school. She was a very bright student but her schoolmates didn’t like her because they thought she was boring.

The girl who was boring

Her dream was to be liked by her school mates. Everyday Lily came home and cried. Then one day her only best friend suggested that she arrange a party and invite all her schoolmates. Lily did that.

The girl who was boring

When her mates got the invitation they were shocked that the most boring girl in their school was arranging a party. They were sure the party was going to be boring. But when they came to the party they had great fun.

The next day they all apologised for their rude behaviour. Lily forgave them and became the happiest girl in her school

The girl who was boring


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