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Dear 2021, this is what I expect from you

Dear 2021,

I am so glad you have arrived. You were a welcome anomaly after 2020 which was of course not a great year. We couldn’t meet friends and go on holidays due to the pandemic. People had to work from home and many businesses were shut down. In this letter, I am going to express all my expectations and promises.​

Dear 2021, this is what I expect from you


Throughout 2020 school was shut down. Now, I think, as the vaccine has been made, hopefully, the school will reopen. Then I will be able to play with my friends in the recess and the teachers will teach us as they used to do, not virtually.

I am wishing with all my heart that in the long run, this horrible virus will weaken and people won’t have to suffer.

Dear 2021, this is what I expect from you


I have pledged that I will at least read 50 books because it increases my vocabulary and is an excellent pastime.

Now, you know that exercise is vital for our body and believe it or not- I didn’t even do 100 skips every day in 2020. So, now I have firmly decided that I will do yoga each and every day. Eating healthy is quite imperative though eating junk food sometimes is OK and that is why I have promised myself that I will eat healthy more often.


Dear 2021, this is what I expect from you

​I want you as a year full of happiness and joy. When you go and 2022 comes, I want you to be something that I will remember forever.

Yours loving,




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