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Aanya Surana

13 Years

53 Years

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy


‘The future of education: Online’ Essay by 13 year old Aanya Surana from Kolkata

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The future of education is definitely online because the world has suddenly  changed after the attack of the coronavirus and it has not been possible to move out of our houses. The pandemic has severely affected the education  system as the online education system is very different from what it was before.


In my opinion, the schools and colleges have very well adapted to the online education system wherein the classes as well as the exams, do take place, but through video calls or apps like zoom. I agree that the online education system  has a lot of disadvantages as the children are not paying as much attention as  they first used to when they went to school. But I feel that there are a lot more  advantages than disadvantages.


This method of learning has enabled students and teachers from all over the  world to connect and learn from each other which wouldn’t have been possible if this method of education wasn’t introduced. Secondly, it saves a lot of time and money as when earlier people were going to schools and colleges, a lot of money was spent on transportation and a lot of time was wasted in travelling from one place to another due to the heavy traffic.


This method has also helped in improving the environment, as the global warming levels have reduced and so the earth has become a better place to live in.


The online schooling system has led to a spurt of a host of online  activities  during lockdown which has helped people to learn more than they ever thought they could. I really love participating in this method of education  because it saves a lot of time as we don’t have to travel to school. Secondly it  is better than the normal school because in a normal school children never got  breaks between two classes but during online classes there is a gap of  minimum 15 minutes between two classes which helps to recapitulate  whatever one has learnt earlier.


And I believe that through online education I save a lot of time to do other  work for myself. Due to this online education system and lockdown I have  learnt a lot of baking and as I have a lot of spare time, I have been able to open  my own little business which I thought I would never be able to do until now.


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