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Sanvi Salian

9 Years

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The Day The Dog Ate The Homework | Bookosmia

The day the dog ate the homework

Cedar was an unusual dog who lived with the Woods family. There was Jason Wood, Janet Wood, Christopher Wood and Rebbeca Wood. Cedar always slept in Jason and Rebbeca’s room but somehow managed to find a way through the stairs to the parent’s room.


The day the dog ate the homework


Everybody said that Cedar was a mischievous little dog who was up to no good. He was light peach with deep brownish black eyes and a cute grin that he always had. Some of the things the naughty animal had done :

1. Ate Mrs Wood’s fur slipper at night.

2.Peed on Miss Brond’s (neighbour)front door mat.

3. Pushed Mr Wood -he fell on the skateboard and fractured his arm.

But still, Cedar loved the kids and so did they as they had raised him. Cedar ran down the stairs for food as Jason and Rebecca left for school. At school the teacher yelled “ Everybody who has done the classwork can take their book and leave.” At home, Rebecca got a message from her friend Christine saying :

Dear Rebby,

Hi bff how are you I am inviting you and the girls for a slumber and pool party it will loads of fun. I would like you to join us please.



The day the dog ate the homework


Rebecca, who was copying the classwork from Jason’s book, got distracted by the message and left Jason’s book on the bed before leaving for her friend’s house.

This gave Cedar a great idea to get some attention. He got on the bed and took the notebook and started tearing it up. When Jason arrived he wasn’t happy at all. “Cedar what a bad bad bad bad dog you are!”

The day the dog ate the homework


Cedar frowned and howled the whole night! Finally, Mrs Wood got him a new notebook to chew on ! As for poor Jason, lesser said the better on what happened at school the next day!


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  1. Loved your story Sanvi. Hope we will get to read more escapades about Cedar.
    Please will you come back sooooon.

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