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The Day Star Overcame Her Shyness | Bookosmia

The day Star overcame her shyness

The day Star overcame her shyness


Once there were three sisters – Sun, Moon and Star.

Sun and moon were snobby but popular in their kingdom. Star was shy but kind hearted and a lovely girl but she wasn’t popular among her people as she hardly spoke.

One day, they got an invite for high tea from their aunt and uncle (Lightning and Thunder). They had never met them and were very excited.


The day Star overcame her shyness


So, when the day came, they got dressed and went away in a beautiful carriage to the party. At the party, they were having so much fun that they lost track of time and were late for their dinner with their mother.

At home, their mother Galaxy was getting worried. Soon, she heard the sound of the carriage outside the palace and took a sigh of relief.

Mother galaxy thought that her kids would be as hungry as her. So, she asked them to set the dining table but Sun and Moon didn’t care much about their mother’s feelings. They went to sleep but Star saw tears in her mother’s eyes.

She joined her mother at the dinner table and told her all about the party. Her mother was very happy. She realized that talking about what you feel is not so hard after all!

The day Star overcame her shyness


After that day, Star gained confidence and started helping her mother with work. She made an effort to speak to everyone and soon, she became the town’s favorite princess.



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