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The Day I Turned Into An Animal

The day I turned into an animal

One day, I had a lot of homework because of which I couldn’t go to play or rest. I looked at Lucy, our pet laying around and said “I wish I was a cat and lay around everyday.”


The day I turned into an animal


The next morning, I woke up I realized that I was much smaller than usual and when I yawned I made a meow sound. I saw my reflection in the window, I was a cat! I was very happy!
My owner gave me some milk. I drank it happily! I went for a walk, there were a lot of dogs, scaring me. I somehow reached home and wished that I was a dog.


The day I turned into an animal


Suddenly, I saw a bright light, after that I was a dog! I jumped and barked with happiness and joy. After a few minutes, I felt hungry. I saw my owner bringing dog food.

After eating my food my owner told “We will be taking a nap.” So, my owner put me in a small cage for a nap. I felt bored in the cage and wanted to be free then. Then I wished to be a mighty lion.


The day I turned into an animal


Again, a bright light came and I turned into a lion. I felt powerful because now I am the king. A little bird came to me and told “Come help me, some monkeys are making a lot of noise and not letting us sleep.”I replied “So should I do? I am the king and I can do whatever I want.”

“But, you do have your duties,” said the little bird.
After that came the bees, jackal and so many other animals. It was so tiring.
I wished to be a kid again. After the bright light shone, I woke up and realized I was back to my self!

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