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Sharing my love of space with you



I love space and I can’t wait to tell you a few interesting facts about space.

First of all, What is ‘space’? Maybe you’ll be thinking of space as in keeping distance. I’m thinking of the space we all are in.


Sharing my love of space with you

Space is boundless. It has many interesting objects like planets, stars, huge rocks and stones, solar systems, moons and black holes.

When our parents learnt about our solar system, they were told there are 9 planets but in August 2006, the International astronomical union(IAU) removed Pluto as a planet and named it ‘Dwarf Planet’.


Sharing my love of space with you

So now there are 8 planets in our Solar system. They are:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

An easy way to remember them is :


This stands for:

My- Mercury

Very- Venus

Educated- Earth

Mother- Mars

Just- Jupiter

Served- Saturn

Us- Uranus

Noodles- Neptune

Isn’t that a fun way to remember?


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