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Off To School To Write Exams | Bookosmia

Off to school to write exams


Off to school to write exams



It has truly started ringing our alarms.

We now have elusive schedules to study
And now we have stopped playing with our buddy!

Recollecting the material ourselves
Without picking books from the shelves
Is actually impossible.


Off to school to write exams


The online excuses of not being audible
Are off from now on.

There cried one
Who was sure, nothing had been done
Fear of exams upon the head.

Whatever it may be
We are going to school
after a break of a year
exams are its opening key!

Off to school to write exams


Exams would be great, as we are all zealous
None to compel us.

Do your best, give your best
He is there to look upon the rest!

Wishing you all the best!

Off to school to write exams



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