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‘The Butterfly Sisters’ Story by 5 year old Siyona from Sharjah, UAE and some cool facts

Nature with Sara butterfly in rain stories for kids by kids by Bookosmia

Nature with Sara activities for kids BookosmiaHello hello, Sara here! As the Big Butterfly Month comes to an end, here is the ‘Nature with Sara’ section buzzing with a butterfly story!



5 year old Siyona from Sharjah, UAE shares this adorable story around butterflies.

Nature with Sara butterfly stories for kids by kids by Siyona UAE BookosmiaSIYONA is very creative child, loves activities such drawing, singing, story reading, and dancing. Her
imagination are high and represented from her activities, love minute clay arts.



Once upon a time there were three butterflies sisters. One was yellow, one red, and one was white. Whole day they used to play and dance in my garden.

Nature with Sara Big Butterfly Month Bookosmia

One  day it started to rain, the butterfly sisters’ wings became wet. They decide to  go back home but the door was locked and no one was there at home. So they  had to stay out in the rain, and they became more and more wet.

Nature with Sara butterfly in rain stories for kids by kids by Bookosmia

One of the sisters decided to take help of red and yellow Tulips nearby and said, “Friend Tulip, will you open your flower cup and let us in till the rain is over?”

The Tulips answered, “The red and yellow butterflies may enter, because they  are like our colours, but the white one should not come in.”

Nature with Sara Butterfly Tulip stories for kids by kids Bookosmia

The red and yellow butterflies did not like the answer, so they all decided to stay out in the rain. It was raining harder and harder and the poor butterfly sisters started shivering because of the cold.


So they went to white Lily and said, “Lily, could you please open your bud a  little so that we can enter inside as it is raining heavily.

The Lily answered, “The white butterfly may come in, but not the red and  yellow as they are of not my colour. ”

The white butterfly said, “If you do not allow my red and yellow sisters inside, then I will stay out in the rain with them. ”


So they all stayed out in the rain.


But the sun who was behind the cloud heard it all, and he knew how the three sisters were together in spite of getting wet. So he pushed his face through  the clouds and chased away the rain. Soon it was bright everywhere.

Nature with Sara Butterfly Month Stories by kids Bookosmia

He dried the wings of the three butterflies and warmed their bodies. The three sisters were very happy and started to dance. They forgot the pain and danced with flowers the whole day. They happily went back home and found the door  was wide open.

Good times or bad, the butterflies stayed together!


Hey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy that meaningful story? After that beautiful write up, how about some some cool facts.

Nature with Sara Big Butterfly Month stories for kids, by kids Bookosmia

Cool Fact#1 : Butterflies hide when it rains.

They usually go to the same places they do for the night. Some butterflies hide under large leaves, some crawl down into dense leaves or under rocks, and some just sit head down on grass stems or bushes with wings held tightly. If the rains are exceptionally hard or of long duration many of the butterflies become tattered or die.

Nature with Sara Big Butterfly Month stories for kids, by kids Bookosmia

Cool Fact#2 : Butterfly wings are delicate.

Butterfly and moth wings are made of thin layers of chitin, the same hardened protein that makes up their outside body. They are also covered with thousands of tiny scales that lend color to the wings. The wings are strengthened by a system of veins. The wings have to be strong enough to support the body in the air, but still flexible enough for flight movements.

Photo credits: Subhadra Devi, a passionate birder and nature lover.


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