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More homework, please! Essay

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It is my point of view that students should get more homework everyday.

Homework should be given so that we practice our work everyday. According  to me, one page of homework daily in each subject should be given.

Exercise and playing games are important for our recreation.


We should read  books everyday for our self development. When we read  books, there are many difficult words which helps to build our vocabulary.

If we do homework daily we can answer well in our class. To secure good  marks in our academics it is important to do our homework daily.

If children don’t get any homework, then they will jump on the bed and will be  super naughty at home!

Kids television time will also increase if they don’t do homework everyday.


My school teacher says if we do homework everyday and revise our work, our  memory will increase. If we do our homework everyday neatly our writing
speed will increase and our work will be neat.


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