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The alien in the UFO : A futuristic story by 10 year old Vihaan from Kolkata

What if you met an alien? 10 year old Vihaan from Kolkata imagines it in this out-of-world tale! Read this adventurous alien story, at Bookosmia

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Once my cousin, Nikhil had come to visit me and we were playing video games on my PS5. While he was playing, I got bored so I started looking out the window when I saw something falling out of the sky.
I asked him if we could go and see what had fallen out of the sky. He told me it was nothing and I was hallucinating. I convinced him to come with me by promising him to give him an extra slice of pizza. We went outside into the woods with our torches when I suddenly saw a burnt leaf. I showed it to Nikhil, he said it is probably from a forest fire, then I reminded him that there hasn’t been a forest fire for almost ten years.
There were two choices we could either go back to our safe home or we could go into the woods risking our lives. Being curious young boys, we of course went into the woods, suddenly the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” came into my mind but I completely ignored it. We kept seeing burnt leaves. Just for fun I chucked a rock and heard a clink sound. There were at least a hundred feelings in my head as I saw something avant-garde.
It was an UFO! Again, being curious we went into the spaceship that possibly had a million dangerous things. When we went inside, we saw that the whole thing was white, we saw many experiments going on various kinds of flora and fauna.
Suddenly someone came out of a room I didn’t even know was there. It was a hairy blue and black alien with red horns which sent a shiver down my spine. The thing screamed and I screamed.
Nikhil and I ran back home.

Well at least I now know which alien will take over the world.

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