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The Adventure On The Pirate Island | Bookosmia

The adventure on the pirate island
On a pleasant evening, my dream was just about to be achieved because the ship which I booked for visiting Saudi Arabia had finally arrived.
The adventure on the pirate island

Everyone was sitting in the ship and I also sat in. We were told that we would reach there by morning. To visit Saudi Arabia was my dream since childhood because to start a business I wanted help from other businessmen, and Saudi Arabia was home to a lot of businessmen.

In the ship, I slept because after reaching my destination I might get work for which I shall work for 24- hours.

Suddenly, a lot of people started shouting “They have attacked us, they have attacked us.” I woke up and when I took a sneak peek outside, I saw that a ship of pirates was trying to drown our ship. There was cross firing and the next thing I know, our ship was sinking. I knew how to swim so I swam for a few minutes and reached an island. There I found some food and ate it. A big storm hit the island and I was struggling to hold on to the coconut tree. I became unconscious.


The adventure on the pirate island

When I woke up I saw that I was lying on an extra comfortable bed. I saw that the bed was surrounded by a group of green people and a wired lady with an antenna was standing behind me. I screamed and asked them “Hey! What’s your name and what are you from? You lady go away from here.”

I got up from the bed and those green people told me “We are aliens.” I was astonished that I was standing and talking to aliens. I asked them how I reached there. They replied to me “Remember the storm which hit the island? Actually, inside that storm, there was our spaceship and you suddenly hit the front window of our spaceship.” They also told me that the lady was reading my mind, what I wanted and what happened to me.

They told me “You want to reach Saudi Arabia right but before that, we will take care of those pirates. Then we will leave you in your dreamland, Saudi Arabia.”

The adventure on the pirate island


3 Days Later

We got to know that there is an island from where pirates come and do all the things. Now it was our time to attack them. The aliens attacked those pirates and sunk all their ships so they will not attack innocent people anymore.

After this, the aliens said goodbye to me and left me in Saudi Arabia. I shook hands with all of them again and hugged them They all told me “Same to you friend, we will meet you again soon, Bye-bye.”

Thanks to the aliens I got a chance to come to Saudi Arabia. I grew my business and also collaborated with other businessmen and made my dreams come true.


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