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Himika Chopra

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Saving The Last River | Bookosmia

Saving the last river


Once, there was a village where water was getting scarce day by day.

One day, near the forest, the villagers found a lake. Everybody was so happy. They started to use the water of the lake carelessly.

They started wasting water and polluting the water by throwing garbage and factory waste in the water. Then one day, a girl was passing by the lake when she saw the lake crying and shouting for help.“Someone please help me ….” cried the lake.

Saving the last river



The little girl sat there to listen to the pain of the lake. With the help of her parents, she built a fence around the lake. No one could enter the lake anymore and there was no water for anyone.


Then the people realized the value of water and started to feel bad and ashamed of their behaviour. They all went to the girl and said sorry to her. The little girl said she will only forgive them if they promise not to waste water.

The villagers agreed and after that day, everyone used the water carefully and kept it clean. The lake was happy so were the villagers.



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