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Tautogram poem – Are All Ahead? | By 16 year old Harshita from Assam

Let’s try writing a tautogram – a poem where every word starts with the same letter! 16 year old M U Harshitaa from Goalpara, Assam uses this innovative format to raise an important question on equality.

Tautogram poem Bookosmia
An Alpha, an angel
An ally, an antagonist
Astoundingly asymmetrical
Adorned are areas apart
Abide ascendancies asunder
Arenas, arenas apart
Although, all asked at accent
“Are all, are all ahead?”
“Alas! All allowed aren’t”
“Aloof aren’t as appear
Across axis as ahead
Abandon able ain’t an air
Anyhow, abandonment
And acceptances all are ashore
And answers are at advancement…”

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