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Surpur Art from Karnataka| A 12 year old’s tribute

Prepare to be amazed with Surpur Art! 12 year old Saanvi from Kolkata sends us this fascinating piece and art work about a beautiful art form from Karnataka that is unfortunately facing extinction.
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Surpur Art of Karnataka is a traditional art form.After the fall of the Vijayanagara kingdom in the 17th century,a group of artists migrated to Surpur in Karnataka where they popularised a traditional painting known as the Surpur miniature painting.
It became immensely popular during the period of ruler Raja Venkatappa Naik.Surpur’s place in the history of Indian art has been cemented for largely being the epicentre of a variant of Mysore style painting.
Alas this art form is almost on the verge of extinction.Efforts are being made to revive this art form. Here is my tribute to Surpur Art. Hope this art form flourishes again.

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