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Space Rocket Travel | Story by 8 year old from Kolkata

8 year Rajveer from Kolkata shot off on a rocket ship. This may be the most creative story you would read in a long time. So belt up!

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Once on a Wednesday morning, I went to school and there was a scientist that was creating a rocket in the lab.

I asked him if I could go in, he said yes. I went in and pressed a button and got locked in the rocket.  Suddenly, my hand went to another button and the rocket launched into space and I reached  an unknown planet.

There were space suits in the rocket. I wore one and went out to explore the planet. The planet was green and there were strange creatures all around looking like zombies.

I jumped in the water to hide myself from them. Underwater, everything was black initially. I swam a bit and found glowing fishes, they looked stunning.

After that I went to the planet’s forest to find some more hidden facts.There, I found carnivorous plants which were controlled by robots.

The robots had giant axes and swords. It was all so scary that I ran away from there.Also, there were two moons, one red and one black giving out strange fumes. There were tornadoes and storms all around.  Suddenly, I got stuck in one of the tornadoes. I had grappling hooks on my space suit which helped  me escape.

As I rescued myself, I ran to my rocket and restarted it to go back home.

When I returned to my school lab, the teacher was sitting there very worried but as she saw me well and alive, she was relieved. She said, “Never go inside a rocket again without supervision.” I was shivering and jittery after all those adventures!

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