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Limelight, attention and greed | Poem by 13 year old

Limelight may feel good but is it worth it in the long run? 13 year old Pritika from Noida wonders.

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Limelight, attention and greed – Are they worth it?
Attention, limelight and greed
Crave people of this world’s creed
Attention! Verisimilitude and mavericks I know the best
Neither boorish nor callous; but I am here only to solve at the nature’s behest
Limelight! I yearn to manifest my knack and flair
Onerous errands I may not be relentless to, but other’s fallacy I don’t bear
Greed! I can’t care less about integrity and rectitude
Nevertheless, some fair amount of lolly is enough for gratitude
And at the rainbow’s foot surely lay gold
For attention, limelight and greed I venture to grasp and hold
But the affable and suave will triumph with veracity
So, go back to the drawing board; and this time, pair up with integrity
And hope will feel strong, and life itself,
not weak
When you start again, be patient and meek
For the tiny voice in the back of your mind to the hilt knows
You will nail this, as attention, limelight and greed, your mind miles away throws.

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