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Stray cat or time traveler alien? | Story by Suryansh, 15

The stray cat you took in could be an alien! 15 year old Suryansh’s sci-fi thriller is the perfect read for the day!

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Stray cat or time traveler alien?

Frodo was our family cat, or at least that’s what I thought until today. It had been nearly five years since we found him on our porch, seeking shelter from the heavy rain pouring from the grayish-yellow clouds. Late at night, as I entered my room via the teleportation checkpoint, to my absolute horror and surprise, I found him standing on two legs and typing something onto a weird device.

         I couldn’t believe my own eyes that something like this was possible. I went towards him to probe his equipment but as I went closer, they disappeared into thin air while emitting weird sound waves. But suddenly it all made sense; the way he brought random objects like leaves, grass or sometimes even trash. But maybe I was hallucinating; I had been watching too many VR movies. That was until Frodo spoke to me, “brit sham crantos a lig…” But then he stopped, as if he forgot something. Waving his hand in the air in a weird manner he began – “I dreaded this day would come, but if it isn’t obvious already, I am not from your planet.”

I looked at him blankly, I tried to reciprocate but words didn’t come out. Although I wanted to believe him, I was still skeptical. “I have so many questions…” I said, bewildered.

“My real name is Poe, and I come from the planet of Drodge, which is located about 10 light years from here. Although our technology is very advanced and we are a Level-2 civilization, we weren’t able to find any external life, until recently when one of the most talented voiders or space researchers in Earthly terms, found about your planet, Earth.

A group of feline, my species, was sent here via wormhole travel, which is too complicated to explain, to research about your habitat, ecosystem, energy cycles and life here overall.”

“But why here, in my house?” I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. After the ‘accident’ of my parents, who were both renowned physicists and astronomers, nothing was the same. My uncle and aunt took care of me and Frodo (or Poe).

         “So, about that- your parents, they didn’t go the way you think they did.”

No words could convey my expression!

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