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Fear of Dogs- How I overcame it| Blog by Aadya,14, Kolkata

What does it take to overcome a fear? 14 year old Aadya from Kolkata shares her heartfelt experiences of how she overcame her fear of dogs thanks to her mother’s wise decision.

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Two years ago on a cold winter morning, I had an unsettling dream. I woke up with a start, it was nearly 4:30 in the morning. I ran to my mom, and panting began, “Mom, I had a very spooky dream.”

My mom hugged me and comforted me.

“What happened? Are you okay?”

So I began narrating to my mom about the dream I had.

I began, “Mom, why am I so afraid of dogs? If I wouldn’t have been afraid of a dog I could have saved its life. I feel so guilty. I saw fear in his eyes. Why are people so merciless mom?”

Tears started rolling down my eyes.  My mom after two minutes spoke, “Get ready, I’ll take you somewhere today, and there you will get the answer to all your questions.”

After 30 minutes I was ready and we stepped out. I tried asking her several times, “ Mom where are you taking me?”

Every time I would ask this she would reply the same thing, “Have patience, you’ll get to know.”

After 45 minutes of an uninterrupted drive, we finally reached our destination. It was a caretaker center for dogs. I couldn’t have been happier and terrified at the same moment. The caretakers over there were very friendly.

I asked Priti, one of the volunteers over there, “How do you manage so many dogs here?” She smiled and gave me a quick reply,” It’s very simple, there are millions of animal lovers in this world, due to some issues they are not able to adopt them so they donate money to our centers and help them go on.” I was startled by this answer. I used to think that people who are not allowed to meet or adopt dogs cannot help but certainly, there is a way out.

I spent two more exhilarating hours over there with the dogs without the fear of being bitten. It was the best day I had spent ever! While driving back home I said, “Mom, it means that those who are afraid of dogs in this world can be changed with awareness.”

My mom replied, “Yes, dear and you young people should now take action to make this world a better place to live in. Repair the damages that have already been made.” I smiled and thought, “Yes Mom we will make this world a better place together hand in hand.”

We reached home and I was on the bed soon after, putting an end to the ravishing day. I finally overcame my fear towards the loveliest creatures.

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