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India’s Kid Astronauts | Story by Nivaan,8,Bangalore

Kid astronauts being sent to the moon? Yes please! 8 year old Nivaan from Bangalore’s tale will make you wish it were true!

kid astronaut bookosmia
It was a wonderful day filled with excitement and cheer everywhere. India was all set to send in its best kid astronauts to explore the dark side of the moon.
The rocket carrying kid genius astronauts Jim, Nivaan and Saara headed to the moon. The crew landed safely on the moon and the three astronauts got down from the lander.
Nivaan said, “That’s one small step for kids and a big discovery for mankind!”
The other two giggled and said, “Well said Nivaan.”
As they went on to explore the dark side of the moon, they saw a strange looking house. With excitement Jim ran to the house.
And poof! He disappeared into thin air.
Nivaan and Saara were shocked. Saara began to cry and asked to go back but Nivaan urged her to be brave. He decided to use his turbo gun and deactivate the fence.
It worked and as they reached the door, they heard a voice.
“Who are you? What brings you here? Get out from here.”
Listening to the scary voice Saara was terrified as it sounded like a ghost. 
“It’s just a recorded voice coming from the monster speakers, I will shoot it as we run inside,” said Nivaan as they both ran inside. 
The place looked so dark and spooky. All they saw was moving staircases which was endless and they had no idea. With no other choice they moved ahead and suddenly Saara saw something.
“Nivaan ! Look!  These stairs have some alphabets written on them and since they are moving upwards lets step on them in correct order.”
As they decoded at the end there was a big box and few glass pieces that looked like lens lying near it. 
Saara! Do you remember this from our science class that, “When light passes through a lens it splits into a rainbow?” recounted Nivaan. 
Nivaan turned on his flash light reflected in the keyhole and the box opened.
Both Nivaan and Saara were thrilled to find ‘The Face of the moon crystal’ – which had superpowers. They turned around and saw their friend Jim. They took him and returned back home using the power of the crystal. 
Everyone cheered for their space mission. India was very proud of its kid astronauts.
kid astronaut bookosmia

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  1. Great narration!!!! Imagination is one of the way to explore the world and beyond the world which can lead to new innovations, keep going with the same spirit, many more best ones are awaited in ur path young champ.

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