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Dear Dad, I Want To Be Just Like You | By Atharva, 8, Kolkata

Got a message for someone you love? Send it to us. 8 year old Atharva from Kolkata has a sweet note for his father. Aww!
Father’s day - Thank you Dads
Dear Dad, I want to be just like you

Dear Dad,

                Today I want to tell you how thankful I am for your love and support.

I love you because you are always there for me.Your easy going nature teaches me to be kind and friendly with everyone around me. I adore your polite and disciplined way of handling things in your office.

            You take out time for me from your busy schedule and play cricket and football with me. After office you spend time with me and the entire family. Sometimes you help me with my studies. Playing video games and competing with you is really fun.

                 You are a wise person who gives me knowledge about everything. Every Sunday you take us out for movies, horse riding,  time zone, clubbing, parties and dinner.

                  Dad you are my hero as you do so much for me and take care of the family. You are like a friend to me who is always ready to guide me. I promise to be a good and smart boy. When I grow up, I will be just like you.

  A big thank you for everything. I am blessed to have you as my father!!

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