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Story on Relationships | Bookosmia

Story on Relationships

Learning A Lesson From A Chair


Story on Relationships


In our big country, there is a wooden shop. One day, the carpenter who owned that shop decided to make a beautiful chair and the very next day when he kept it out for sale, everybody wanted to buy it.

I placed the highest bid and brought it to my home. I placed it next to my bed and for some reason, I felt that the chair was there to comfort me. I began to discuss all my joys and sorrows with the chair and it felt really good.

But in due time, I made new friends and didn’t really need the chair much. I began to keep heavy things on it. I dragged it sometimes and took it for granted.

One day, the chair broke and with it, my heart also broke into pieces. I tried to get it repaired from so many places but I couldn’t. I regretted my carelessness.

It may have been just a chair but I learnt a lesson that we must preserve relationships nicely because relationships are fragile. We should take care of it.


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