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‘The Vain Little Snowman’ Poem by 10 year old Bookosmian from Singapore

Read with Sara Poem by Shreyansh Bajaj from Singapore

The sky was snowing!

The wind was blowing!

Winter was here!

Winter was here!


In no time at all a snowman appeared.

He was round and fat

with a stout little hat.

He had two black eyes

and a big wide smile.


He held his head up high

and told all his folk,

” Unlike you,

I will never melt and die”


Then he told all of the trees,

”The children don’t like you,

they only like me”


He told the robins,

” Just look at your feathers,

so dirty and grimy.

Now look at my buttons so clean and shiny!”


And so the vain little snowman

stood with his pride,

until finally summer arrived.


The trees grew leaves

and the robins flew.


And as the sun grew hotter and hotter

the snowman was now no more than a puddle of water!

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