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Bedtime Story by Nishani

A Moral Story On Being Oneself

Bedtime Story by Nishani
Once, there lived a chicken and a zebra. The chicken lived in a village with a coop owner along with the rest of its family. The hens would lay eggs and every week the owner would go to the town and sell them. While on the other hand, the zebra would live in the forest with the rest of the dazzle near the village.

Being a herbivore that does not feed on other animals the zebra was prey to predators like lions and could get killed at any moment. His life was always at risk.


One night, the zebra came wandering into the village separated from his group. That’s when he met the chicken. They instantly became friends and start talking about their experiences and struggles.


They both thought the other had a more comfortable life so they decided to switch the color of their bodies.


They painted themselves and it was done by sunrise and they soon returned to their own places. After searching a lot the zebra finally found its group but surprisingly half of the members didn’t recognize him and the rest didn’t accept him as one of them. The zebra tried his best to convince them but failed. The zebra was abandoned and felt devastated.

Something similar happened to the chicken as well. The rest were shocked by seeing the chicken’s appearance and the owner decided to sell the chicken in exchange for a lot of money. The plan went wrong and things happened which they never dreamed of.

Bedtime Story by Nishani

So the moral of the story is that one should be happy with what they are and have.



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