Jishnutha S.R.

12 Years

DAV Public School, NTPC- Kaniha, Angul Dist, Odisha

Kaniha, Odisha

Space, A Learning Place| Poem by Jishnutha ,12, Kaniha, Orissa

What message has Chandrayaan-3 ‘s success given us? 12-year-old Jishnutha from Kaniha’s incredible poem to explain the wonders of space is sure to stun you.

Sharing my love of space with you

When the sun waves goodbye with its light at night,

The astronomers are ready with their special eyes for the scenic sight,

To watch the hideouts of the celestial bodies within sight.

Uranus with its stench and mercury shrunken,

Their sidekicks, the moons follow them about,

Dwarf planets revolve solo throughout.

Ganymede, the largest moon of Jupiter, struts with pride,

While Titan, the moon of Saturn comes for a new ride.

Asteroids take the scientists to their past,

Where they explain about the Big Bang’s blast.

Meteoroids, the villain to dinosaurs crash and tumble around,

Comets zoom, reducing their tails round and round.

Many stars challenge the scientists and keep moving light years away,

Carrying their secret and leaving the clues to pave their way.

Stephen Hawking discovered some mysteries in his mind,

And many theories including multiverse flow endlessly to his find.

A flash in the sky might be a star losing its spark,

Information is packed from a molecule to a quark.

A neutron star spins wildly narrating about,

how it was before the super nova crash,

Then forms a black hole swallowing everything around,

Beyond Singularity, very tricky to be found.

Quasars destruct the galaxies according to their whims,

They are so powerful that all the stars are its victims.

There are some places that we can’t avoid,

The largest empty space is the Bootes void.

The gravitational tug-of-war between celestial bodies goes on and on,

But still they manage to hold the cosmic web from the day they were born.

We are nothing but a tiny speck in this universe,

But it is worse to see how we all disperse.

What will be the key for our earth’s unification?

Space science is the only solution for our evolution.

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