Kavyansh Agarwal

12 Years

Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya


Autobiography of a shoe | By Kavyansh, 12, Jaipur

Come, let’s hear a shoe tell its story! Brought to us by 12-year-old Kavyansh from Jaipur.

autobiography of a shoe kids

Have you forgotten about me? You shouldn’t have, I have helped you at times and saved you as well. Let me introduce myself to you, I am a shoe. I am often naughty. When you forget to tie your laces, I make you fall. 


I am made from rubber but at times also with canvas and leather.

shoe autobiography kids bookosmia

Being available in many colors, I was chosen to be deep red-brown with lace as white as snow. I come in different varieties based on your purpose. You bought me for parties but these days you don’t wear me. Sometimes, when I stink, you throw me out of the house and let me stink for hours. I believe that shoes also deserve a proper bath; after all, we are the ones who save you from hurting your feet.


Some people handle me very carefully and I always respect and admire them. These days, a lot of discrimination is going on because of our colors. The white-coloured ones are having the best time. They are regularly washed and kept carefully. And the black ones are worn by little cute children. One day I dream of being a shoe that everyone respects and admires.

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