Myrah Kathpalia

13 Years

Westwood Community High School

Fort McMurray

The spooky day at art class| Thriller by Myrah, 13,Fort McMurray, Canada

Oohh! We have chills up our spine as we read this thriller by 13-year-old Myrah from Fort McMurray, Canada.

spooky story art class kids

The clock struck 12.

In the midst of the cold dark soundless night, I found myself hiding behind a woody tree. Just then a glimpse of a man with red beady eyes shook me. He seemed about 7 feet tall with a deadly look. The man started moving, slowly and slowly in my direction. Each time he took a step, my heart pounded. Suddenly, I realized that everything around me seemed to have frozen. Like somebody had hit the pause button. Wherever the man went, the leaves started falling. I felt a shiver in my spine as the man started moving closer and closer.


In no time, I could see his face clearly. I couldn’t believe what I saw. He had three eyes instead of two. I freaked out. Then I noticed a tattoo on his arm. It was a can with the words “Drink me” on it.  The man gave me a smirk. Nanoseconds later, I felt an electric pat on my shoulder. I jumped and looked back. No one was there. Was that my imagination? I turned to look forward again but the man had disappeared. I was completely bewildered.


From a distance, I saw something shining. The light pulled me towards it.

“Wait? Is that a book?” I thought to myself as I reached for the book and picked it up. The cover of the book captivated  me completely, something my eyes had never seen before. The glow of the book tempted me to open it, and so I did. I imagined a drop-dead gorgeous Jewel drawn inside but all I found was a drawing of a can that had the words “drink me” on it. I realized that the drawing was just like that man’s tattoo. I was horrified but at the same time, I felt thirsty. Even though it was just a drawing, the thirst tempted me to touch the can. 


As soon as I touched it, a vending machine filled with cans of water appeared right in front of me. I was so happy to see water that I started approaching the machine. Something weird started happening. I saw something on the glass of the machine. “Is…is that me?” I mumbled as I saw a girl’s reflection on the machine. I realized it was me, but not exactly me. My head was down so I couldn’t see anything clearly. My face started turning upwards slowly and slowly. 


I gasped as I saw myself on the vending machine. But I seemed to have darker hair, taller, sharper features, long canine teeth…OMG, My eye color had changed to red and I had a deadly look. I panicked when I saw that I had three eyes. Not just that but I had a tattoo… just like that man! My blood ran cold. My reflection started speaking. “Have some water, dear young me. Come on, join me in another world.” My reflection’s voice was raspy. I got so petrified that I dropped the book and ran. I didn’t look back again. I literally ran for my life. 


I lost my breath after running miles. I was so exhausted that I stopped for a second and closed my eyes. As soon as I opened them, I found myself sitting in an art class. I was doing a Halloween painting assignment. There was a forest drawn on my canvas with a big man on it. You know what I am talking about. It was all just my imagination. I felt stupid for being so scared for nothing. I giggled as I started continuing my painting. I was going to tell my friends about all this when I felt as if my painting had just moved. Did it?

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