14 Years

14 Years

Delhi Private School, Sharjah


Bharat- My tricoloured pride| Poem by Yachna,14, Sharjah

As we continue to celebrate our country in our own special ways, 14-year-old Yachna pens an ode to Bharat India in this partiotic poem.

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A country with the deepest of histories

All hail India!

A country of unsolved mysteries

All hail India!

A country of courageous men and women

All hail India!

A country with love that will never end

All hail India!

A country with spices so rich

All hail India

Among diversities it creates a bridge

All hail India!


Such a country have you ever seen?

All hail India!

Yes, it is my country of orange, white and green. 

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