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Sleep well - Anything for 8 hours of sleep
Sleep well - Anything for 8 hours of sleep
Once upon a time there was a boy named Ben. Ben was fast asleep when he heard a little creak. He stirred a bit, however he did not wake up.
Something came up to him with quite a nasty breath. This time Ben woke up because of the disgusting smell. He started screaming like a baby at the sight of the weird creature.
Ben wanted to escape. He found a ladder that led up to somewhere. He was reluctant to climb it because he was afraid of heights. However, staying with that smelly grotesque creature was a bad idea. He went up the ladder as fast as he could. The creature ate the ladder and moved upward. Ben was so shocked that he sped upward even more rapidly.
Sleep well - Anything for 8 hours of sleep
The creature was gaining on Ben. Ben quickly started scuttling upward. He quickly glanced down. Immediately, he wished he hadn’t because he felt quite terrified.
He went on climbing and soon saw a spaceship. He quickly went aboard. He realised that the creature was the pilot. Ben leapt out of the spaceship and landed on a trampoline.
Finally safe, he slept like a log on the trampoline.
Sleep well - Anything for 8 hours of sleep

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