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Guru Purnima – Thank You Teachers | Bookosmia

Guru Purnima - Thank you teachers



On a full moon day,

to the noble teacher, we pray!


Through teachers, wisdom is ours to find,

they eliminate the ignorance of our mind.


If the mind is a garden and thoughts are the seeds,

then a teacher is the nurturing gardener who plucks out the weeds.


A child’s mind is the soft clay,

that a teacher moulds in the finest way.


Blossoming are the lives that have a mentor’s blessing upon them,

teachers are the strong roots, and their love is the anchoring stem.


Guru Purnima is an honourable tradition,

to celebrate a teacher’s guidance and dedication.


We thank our dearest teachers today,

They are the best in every way!


Guru Purnima - Thank you teachers



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