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Singapore Trip – My Adventure At The Singapore Zoo | Bookosmia

Singapore trip - My adventure at the Singapore zoo

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I can’t wait to pack my bags and head out once the pandemic exits from our lives. Until then let’s read through these wonderful travel memories from kids. Let’s keep our wish lists ready!



Risha AravindkumarAn adventure to Singapore! That’s right!  10 year old Risha Aravindkumar, a Bookosmian from Bangalore takes us on one. Have you been anywhere interesting lately? Tell us!
She goes to Vibgyor High, Haralur.
Singapore trip - My adventure at the Singapore zoo

My first day in Singapore was amazing. We went shopping, saw a clown and danced with him and so much more. The whole day was great but I knew there was something fishy going on with my mom and dad. I heard giggling and whispering between them. The moment I saw that I was curious to know what they were talking about. When I went to ask them they just said nothing and we drifted off to sleep. All that I know was there was something big going to happen.
The next day I woke up and saw my parents and my brother getting dressed. My brother looked as clueless as I was. As we were in the car, I asked my brother what was going on. He just said “I don’t know.”

Once we got down from the car, I saw the board saying “WELCOME TO SINGAPORE ZOO”.


Singapore trip - My adventure at the Singapore zoo


I was so happy, but what I did not know is that there was still something big to happen!

We saw a lot of animals the whole morning. We became very tired, so we went to a café.

Singapore trip - My adventure at the Singapore zoo

My parents told us that they will be getting us some ice-creams. My brother was in charge of me while my parents were away. He was so lost in his mobile game that he forgot I was there. I thought to explore a little bit as I felt a bit lonely. I thought that everything would be fine, but boy I was wrong.

Singapore trip - My adventure at the Singapore zoo

Well, when I thought that was enough exploring for some time I was heading back to the café. I started to look around. I could not see anybody. In fact, I could not see anything too! I was surrounded by a thick jungle. I heard a loud ‘GRRR’.

First, I thought a lion was behind me but believe me, it was my stomach! I was hungry. How I wish I could have eaten that ice cream! I sat and thought for a minute. What would my parents think if I was lost?

I walked and walked. I was not able to bear my hunger any longer. I finally saw a tree with some fruits. I climbed up the tree and plucked the fruits. But suddenly I got a shiver down my skin! I felt something rattling behind me. When I turned back, I saw a rattle snake!

I climbed down and ran as fast as my legs could take. I heard dry leaves crunching.

Singapore trip - My adventure at the Singapore zoo

It felt like something big was coming towards me. I took a sharp stick from the ground, held it and turned back.  I got interrupted by a loud voice.

I heard someone saying, “Wake up! we are here!” We were at the Singapore zoo!

I opened my eyes and saw my brother in front of me. I got up and said, “Wha-what the puppy – snake ohh my head hurts!”

 “Stop this nonsense what is wrong with you?”, said my brother.

“Did you pass out in the car? First one getting out of the car will get ice cream,” said my parents.

“Hey wait for me,” I said and ran behind my brother.

I couldn’t wait for more adventures during the rest of the trip!


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