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Screen Time – Zoom Out Of Gadget Addiction | Bookosmia

Screen time - Zoom out of gadget addiction

Screen time - Zoom out of gadget addiction


A boy named Boran lived in the UK. He was studying in fourth grade. He would always watch videos and games in phone and laptop.


His mother was worried about his habit. One day, she told his father about this. His father was also worried and called Boran. He said, “Boran, too much screen time isn’t good for you, try to stay off mobiles for sometime.”

He was very bored without gadgets.


After a few days, there was an English recitation competition in online class. His teacher said, “Can everyone keep the recitation photo as your Zoom background?”


Screen time - Zoom out of gadget addiction


Boran’s mother did not know, how to keep the background. Although Boran also didn’t know, he began to work out how to do it and in the last minute he put the background in Zoom class. Also, he participated and won the third prize in the English recitation competition.


His mother and father were surprised about his presence of mind. His father said, “Boran, I am sorry I took away your gadgets but I realize you can use technology in a positive way too. I will give them back to you but please use them wisely.”


Boran was very happy and agreed to be smart when it came to technology.

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