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Ichuppa Village-Story #InternationalLiteracyDay

Read with Sara video games story for kids by kids Bookosmia

Once there was a boy named Rahul. He lived in a village called “appuchi.” In  that village all children were wasting most of their time watching TV and video  games. Rahul also, like his friends, was interested in games but not in studies.

One day Rahul started playing a new game. Once the game started, he entered a new world that looked very beautiful. It looked very green and natural. There were big buildings and different types of transportation vehicles without pollution.

Rahul was walking on the bank of the river. There he saw a boy walking  opposite him. He looked same as Rahul. His name was Luhar.


Luhar welcomed Rahul. Rahul told about his entering the game and asked  about the place. Luhar explained that this place, Ichuppa was opposite to earth. Here we love nature and we respect it. We are all literate and well talented. Every  child invents something out of their self-interest.Then he invited Rahul to his house.


In his house a small boy welcomed Rahul. Rahul asked if the small boy was his brother. He said no, it is my invention robot. Rahul was very surprised to see
the robot. He asked about the process of making it. The boy explained to Rahul in detail about how to make a robot.

Rahul enquired about his hobbies. The boy replied they were reading books  and playing outdoor games. Rahul asked, “What about TV and videogames?” The boy said, “Here TV and videogames are banned.  I studied well  so I can do  it. You can also if you try.”


Now Rahul understood the importance of education. He went out from the  game with the help of luhar. He studied well and made a robot on his own and
he taught other children too.

Rahul realized sharing knowledge is a good habit and studying is most important.

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  1. The story is amazing its says and proves the importance of education it’s just an lovely story which has more meaning of life and are carrier

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