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Science made fun| A poem about elements by 10 year old Vivek

Time to have some fun with elements! 10 year old Vivek combined science with poetry to come up with this awesome poem!

science poem bookosmia

Hydrogen Carbon Oxygen

Phosphorus Sulphur Chlorine Nitrogen

These seven non-metals

Are the origins of our metals

“Hydrogen and Oxygen, well you say,

If we mix the two…


The holy chemicals made the H2O

The perplexed scientists say “Oh”

“We made H2O”

Lithium Sodium Potassium

Rubidium Caesium Francium

These six metals…

Well. Fascinating.

Because Sodium and Chlorine make


The metal and gas made the salt

The perplexed scientists say “What?”

“We made salt!”

Let’s not forget

Gold and iron

Because if we forget,

We aren’t well

Can we combine gold and iron?

With an alloy, we can!

The gold-iron alloy is the strongest!

But lo!

Titanium is next the strongest!

Look at the abrupt end!

Argon Helium Xenon

Oganesson Radon Krypton

Let us learn from them

To worship as we can

“Well, what can we make?

Well, something weird

Like a gold sodium chloride”

periodic table elements bookosmia

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  1. Good ! Science meeting poetry ? Just a combination so unusual. That’s why it is so unique. Keep up the good work !

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