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Kayra Bhosle

7 Years

53 Years

JBCN International School


A Scary Dream | Story By 7 year old Kayra from Mumbai

Have you had a dream that seemed too real? 7 year old Kayra from Mumbai’s story explores this weird phenomenon.

scary dream story bookosmia

This is a story about a boy and a girl. The girl’s name was Nancy and the boy’s name was Peter and they were 7 years old. They lived in the outskirts of town in a big house with their parents. One night they had a dream and it was really scary. Do you want to know what the dream was? If yes, then I am telling you!

They were in the magical world of cupcakes and sweets. It was obviously a made up world but in their dreams that night, it was very much real. Nancy and Peter were having a lot fun eating all the desserts they could but then they suddenly saw fire! Was it their mind playing tricks on them?  They thought so but then they started feeling hot, the floor felt like lava and they could feel the walls closing in on them.  They couldn’t believe their eyes. It was a d d d dragon!!

They were shaking in fear and running helter-skelter. They ran and ran but the dragon was right behind them. They fell down and got up again.  They ran despite the cuts and bruises on their arms and legs.

They ran for what seemed like hours until they finally woke up in their own, crying and screaming in fear.  Nancy and Peter were relieved it was just a dream until they saw the same bruises in their arms and legs.

If it was a dream, how could they be having the same bruises in the exact same spot of their arms and legs?

The next morning, the twins told their parents that they fell down in their dreams but it was brushed away.  It has been years since that day but they still don’t know what happened that night in their dreams.

How much of it was real? And, how much was it actually a dream?

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