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Isha Nadkarni

7 Years

53 Years

Bombay Scottish School


‘Music makes us happy’by 7 year old Isha Nadkarni from Mumbai #WorldMusicDay Tangram Stories#20

Hello little ones.  Sharing this beautiful story by a little author, 7 year old Isha Nadkarni from Mumbai. The perfect way to ring in World Music Day tomorrow, 21st June.




Sara's Activities STEM Tangram

Once upon a time there was a little sting ray who was shy. Her name was
Chicki. One day her mother told her that she had to perform at a concert.  Chicki had not prepared for it, she was scared.


At the concert there were many people, she sang L….L….L…A…A…L…A
and others sang LA..LA..LA..LA..LA. Chicki was out of tune, she was


When she got home her mother was not angry, she said you tried your best. It’s ok and then Chicki realised that she needed a little practice, so she
practiced and practiced and practiced until she was perfect.


The next time when her mother took her to the concert, Chicki won the first prize for singing. When they asked her how she got so good at singing, Chicki said she worked very hard. She said she did that not to win a prize, but just to make her mother very happy and proud.


After all, music isn’t about how many prizes you win, it’s about how much you enjoy it.


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