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Daddy- Read Poem with Sara #SaraReads #FathersDaySpecial

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Daddy, you are the best
Your driving is fast and swift,
And when we go on road trips
I enjoy your Tokyo drifts.


You create rhymes that I enjoy
The best one is about my younger brother,
And I love to eat the vegetables and kebab
When we barbeque together.


You bought me a Saint Bernard
A gift, on my 4th birthday,
In four years, he’s taller than me
And I love him more, each day.


You are so handsome and strong
I love your dressing sense,
One day, I’ll be just like you
Tall and handsome, Daddy no offence.


Daddy, you give me everything
I love you so much,
All my discomfort and pain goes away
With your one single touch.

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