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Jake’s Mysterious Day by 7 year old Saadhana and Harshit from Little Reader’s Nook, Bangalore Tangram Stories#22

#Sara's Activities Tangram STEM for kids

Hey, everyone’s best friend Sara here!  7 year old Saadhana and Harshit from Little Reader’s Nook, Bangalore have written this brilliant Tangram story- football, rain, superman and even a nursery rhyme. They have got it all in there! Dont miss, read on.


Title of the story – Jake’s Mysterious Day

#Sara's Activities Tangram STEM for kids

There lived a boy named Jake. He was  excellent in sports, mainly football. He wanted to become a famous football player when he grows up.


Jake could play football anytime as he liked it a lot. He practiced everyday in the morning.

One day when he was practicing his striking and dribbling, suddenly he found himself lost in the middle of a dense forest. He was so involved in his practice that he didn’t realize where he had reached. This shows how much he loves football.


He was scared, he cried,”I want to go home, what shall I do?”


And then suddenly when he was crying he heard a loud noise.




Superman, with his green umbrella was standing in front of Jake. 

Jake was surprised and he heard a sound. 

Pitter..patter.. pitter..patter.

Then suddenly he sang,

“It’s raining, it’s pouring,

The old man is snoring, he went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t wake up next morning.”

 He picked his football and started playing in the rain.


Superman said, “I am happy to see you play but it is getting late and we must go home. I will take you home with my super green umbrella. So now I want you to hold  my umbrella and come with me before we get into anymore adventures.”


Jake and Superman head home with the umbrella and the boy was  extremely happy to see his house.

He thanked the Superman, who left to help more people.

Jake skipped into his house with the football in his hands and lived happily ever after.

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