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#SaraReads: Essay-I Love Homework!

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It is my point of view that students should not complain about homework.


If we have more homework we can learn new things. Studying and doing  homework makes us more disciplined. I always follow my time table. My  favourite subject is Maths and if I do not get homework regularly I will not be able to practice as much.


Doing homework daily keeps me updated and I do not have to worry during exams. It makes me more confident and keep my cool even when I am asked a question without notice. If we study regularly we can get free time to play on the weekends. We dont have to spend all our free time trying to make up for lost time earlier and trying to learn things in a panic or like a task. When we do our homework regularly, we are ready with answers whenever questions our teachers ask us in the school. 


When we don’t know something we can take help from elders. Kids enjoy this extra opportunity to interact with family members, especially grandparents.




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