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“I forgot…how to play my violin. Almost!” Story by 12 year old Bookosmian from Bangalore

World Violin Day story for kids by kids Bookosmia

Radha Srigiri was in seventh grade. She had a God given gift for playing the  violin. Once when walking home from school, with her friends Kriti and Ann, started talking about their hobbies, between the two of them.

“Hey Ann, coming for dance class?”

“Of course! Wouldn’t miss it for anything! Remember that pop dance move?”

“Yeah! It’s so cool! Hey Radha, you should join our pop dance class! You would  love it!”

Radha didn’t know how to respond to this. This was a once in a blue moon  opportunity

“Um…. I don’t know guys… I should probably focus on my violin practice.”

“Oh come on! You can’t possibly like violin class! It’s so boring and old fashioned!”

Her friends persuaded her until she said yes. She informed her parents about  going to see a pop dance class. She ended up joining in, and regularly going to  see the class and observing the moves. She soon forgot all about her violin  classes.

She wouldn’t pay attention to the violin at all and ended up getting yelled at, in  violin class. She didn’t care though.


She was enjoying dancing. Everyone got to know at school. One day, when  returning home from tuition classes , she thought she heard someone  following her. She looked around. It was her shy classmate Sahana.

“Radha, this isn’t right. you are amazing at violin…. You can join pop dance as  well but don’t waste this amazing talent. Prove to your friends that violin is as  cool as pop dancing.”

After a talk with Sahana ( turns out she’s not so shy after all), Radha agreed to talk to her family and friends.

Radha reached home to find her parents worried sick. She told them she  wanted to learn pop dance but will concentrate on violin too. She did just that and soon she proved to Kriti and Ann that violin is cool by playing some modern fast beat songs which left them embarrassed but also amazed.

Radha had tried, but she couldn’t forget the violin and for that she was glad.


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