Laksshha Khanna

15 Years

53 Years

Sushila Birla Girls School


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: We haven’t lost the war yet

When Pandora opened the box of sickness,
There was something at the end of the box-hope.
When god sent us coronavirus,
We are all standing tall and fighting it because there is hope.

It feels like we all have been grounded
The Earth has sent us all home
We haven’t lost the war yet
The whole world has come together for one cause.

Now is the time we have
To do the things we want
Coronavirus bought the whole country together
When it was falling apart.

We respect all the medical services
They all have been true warriors
It is bringing families together
Who weren’t being able to spend time together.
The Earth is rejuvenating itself
The skies are bluer, the oceans cleaner
Earth is breathing and becoming cleaner.

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