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Sadhika Anand

13 Years

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SriRam School


#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Empathy is the new sunshine

#Sarareads #gratitudeduringcovid Sadhika young author Bookosmia

As I took a sip of my Macchiato, the screen erupted with the voice of Palki Sharma, my favorite news anchor from WION. The headlines started pouring details about Coronavirus also known as “The Wuhan Virus.”.

The first group of Wuhan patients were detected long back in December 2019 and came to light only when more than half the city was already a victim to it. The Chinese and international travelers acted as a catalyst and engulfed the entire world before the governments could take the needed measures to
contain the infection. And now with over a million people showing symptoms like cough, fatigue, and high fever, it was declared “a pandemic” by the W.H.O.

A single, invisible cell is causing a catastrophic effect on every sphere of life-health, economy, travel, you name it. Nations are under indefinite lock-downs with thousands quarantined and fighting for their lives. Though there is no vaccine and no cure for this deadly virus, still our ever-hoping human minds are eagerly awaiting the major breakthrough in our prophylactic measures to stop the spread.

Amid this overwhelming traumatic time, I feel inspired and amazed by our frontline medical workers. Over worked exhausted physicians, isolated from their families and loved ones, are constantly showing up in the emergency rooms, treating Covid patients. I feel an immense sense of gratitude not only towards the medical fraternity, but other government officials and support workers like delivery persons and alike who are striving for the best to provide the needed support.

Having said all that, it feels extremely frustrating to be confined inside the four walls of the house. With no domestic help allowed inside our complex for the last one month, the household chores for my mom have doubled up along with her professional work. I feel for her as there is so much on her plate to manage. But we all have come together to ease her days. And I am enjoying the strong sense of bonding which is emerging in this crisis period. I have also started sincerely appreciating the support we get from our domestic helps. I understand that they are also going through the same sense of anxiety and stress like our parents.

I feel Corona has given us a tough time but made us empathetic, not only towards our family but our community. We in urban life, have only heard and read about a sparkling blue sky, bright starlit nights, narrated by our grandparents. Now we are experiencing them it as well. The glimmering stars always smile back at me and act like a ray of hope giving positive vibes reminding that we must stand united. There are videos floating around showing how the flora and fauna are reviving and rejoicing their ‘me time’. This pandemic has given our Earth a breather from the constant pollution we humans inflict on her.

The pandemic is no doubt scary and the number of affected patients and deaths across the world makes us worry about our loved ones and us. Nonetheless, it has made us more empathetic and sensitive towards
nature and feeling of oneness as a family and community. I hope and wish very soon I walk out of my door victorious and matured.

3 Responses

  1. Lovely write up by a young girl of 13 years
    Her mature feelings towards family & others are a positive side of coronC crisis

  2. Feelings of 13years old so well expressed.Deeply moved with her feelings for her mother full of positive thinking.

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