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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Mom is relentless like the tides

Yuvraj #Sarareads #GratitudeduringCOVID

The scare of COVID-19 reached late to India but soon took over everything. Now, I can’t play outdoors or take a casual stroll. I also missed hosting my birthday party because gatherings are restricted. We are all hopeful because the actions taken by the government are helping in somewhat containing the virus from spreading.

At first, I was upset but soon I realized that it was for our good. As a responsible citizen of the country, I could not go down to play. I am frustrated to still see children paying no heed to the pandemic situation looming all over us. I feel it is unfair that the lives of the people who stayed home were put at risk by people who were roaming around freely. I am greatly satisfied by seeing that the gatherings around are less and people are finally being responsible.

The times that I love are not those of relaxing but those of doing work with my family. The laughter and the jokes cracked, the pranks played while doing the chores together will be treasured as memories of joy much after this quarantine period is over. Still there are times when I hate being at home. More than 22 days into the lock-down I now know the true meaning of boredom. I wake up in the morning thinking that I can spend the whole day playing on gadgets. I soon get bored and try to find something else

I understand that there is a deep learning behind all these emotions. I think that this quarantine was needed. We needed to learn that it is also our house and we have certain responsibilities. One more thing that I have learned is that no matter how much work you do, it will be nothing compared to what mothers do. The only person who has done everything for you and is still
ready to do anything for you is your mother. She will say that the housework will be evenly divided but still takes all the hard work. Respect and love for my mother has gone up many folds in these stressed times

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  1. Agreed with this thoughts what Yuvraj has shown through his emotions. We wish him a beautiful life ahead.

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