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Amaira Garg

10 Years

53 Years

Modern High School for Girls


#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCOVID-Poem: Put on our thinking caps!

Gratitudeduringcovid stories for kids and by kids

Look at the clear blue sky,
See the birds flying so high.
Look at the bright green trees,
Looking up at the sky so free.

I think it looks like the spring time,
That is why everything looks so nice.
But oh wait! There is another thing in line,
Looks like it’s CORONA time.

Now we are all inside our homes,
We have nothing to do all day.
People just sit and chant ‘Om’,
For everybody to be okay!

The roads are so clean and clear,
Nobody on the streets, makes it look so peculiar.
The blue ocean has come back to life,
Seeing this, the sea animals have come to the seaside.

The Earth is breathing again,
Seems like it is living again.
To keep this moving on,
We need to put our thinking caps on.

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