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#SaraReads #GratitudeDuringCovid: Essay-Physically limited, mentally free

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Unlock to Live, Work, CREATE !

William Plomer once said, “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” This lockdown is neither a punishment nor is it a captivity. It is a way to keep people safe at home away from the corona virus.


In this lock-down we are physically limited, but mentally, we are free. This is a time when we can ameliorate our imagination, our personality and our creativity with abundant time on our hand. Many people all over the world are taking COVID19 in a negative way. Whenever, you look at the news channel, you always see reporters talking about the virus, its cases, and its deaths.


But from the perspective of a thirteen-year old child they are making it much, much worse. Instead of talking about deaths, why not talk about finding ways to pass your time at home, tutorials to help people in unlocking their inner creativity. Even if not, we shouldn’t just turn on Netflix and stay on it for the entire day. Instead we should do something productive and not because we are forced to but do it, but do it with ardor and compassion.


We might be locked away from going to school, going to our classes or even meeting our friends and family, but we are not locked away from thinking, imagining and definitely not from creativity. Creativity, is not only making a small painting, it’s about how you shape your mind into creating something new. Just the way COVID-19 has become an indelible part of history our ingenuity can take you to that stage too.


In this lock-down we also have time to spend with our family and make the bond of our relationship stronger than ever. At home, due to the routine change there might be little ups and downs, but together we can overcome it. Children can help parents in chores and parents can help children in learning how to cook, clean teach many other life skills.


COVID-19 is more virulent than SARS and MERS combined. No one knows what the future holds for any of us, but no matter how worse the situation may get , it is never too late to do the right thing. We can reduce the impact of  corona virus by taking important precautionary measures and maintaining social distancing by staying at home and using our creative minds to do something productive. If all of us contribute together and keep ourselves from going out and coming in contact with others then and only then will we have a chance to stop the spread of corona virus.


This lockdown has become one of the greatest summers. hmmm…. certainly a point to ponder upon, isn’t it? Well, it’s all just a matter of perspective. It is how we decide to see the situation.


Let me tell you something that happened to me a few weeks back during the beginning of lockdown. I was getting bored just sitting at home as nothing was there to look forward to , and then an idea popped up. I opened you-tube and typed down ‘how to make a shield’. I started working on it as soon as I saw the thing I was looking for. After I finished working on it I had a mixed feeling of happiness , accomplishment and a desire to do more & then what, one after another I had things to do.  All I want to convey is that that one small shield helped me unlock my creativity that was awaiting to be unlocked . 

In this lockdown I have learned the true definition and significance of creativity and I implore you to try as well because I have a strong feeling that everyone in this world has the hidden creativity that is waiting to be unlocked.

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