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Let’s welcome this new year !! Poem by 16 year old Bookosmian from Ahmedabad

Happy New Year Poem by kids Read with Sara Bookosmia
Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here. The time is here to step out of 2020 and into a fresh new start with 2021. Here is 16 year old Urja Dhirwani from Ahmedabad getting us excited about the year ahead!
Read with Sara stories for kids by young Writer Urja Ahmedabad
Urja is a 16 year old student of biology, currently studying in class 12 in Asia English School, Ahmedabad . She loves to write and learn literature.
Time to make new resolutions ,
To forget all delusions,
As it’s the end of one
And beginning of a new year!
One full year went by ,
Three hundred and sixty five days , oh my!
To all my near and dear ,
Wish you a happy new year !
We’ll certainly be older, oh boy
But let’s spread happiness and joy
Keeping aside all our fears ,
Let’s welcome this new year !!

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