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#Sarareads #GratitudeduringCovid: Discovering an unexplored ‘me’

#Sarareads #gratitudeduringcovid kids story from bookosmia

It’s horrifying that this suddenly emerged virus has spread throughout the world and everyday is killing thousands of people. From what I have gathered by overhearing news channels at dinner table and my parents’ conversation is that if WHO would have warned us little earlier and blocked China’s border, such a catastrophe could have been avoided. And until now, we have no vaccination to prevent the spread. It makes me feel worried and concerned for all my family members, specially for my grandparents.Because I hear this virus is deadly for the aged patients.

It is frustrating to know that this entire pandemic could have been avoided if some people would have(arguably) made better choices. Also staying at home for so long and not having any time away, is very infuriating and we end up getting triggered very easily. Then we realize that the fights were pointless. It only takes away the cheers of the house.

But otherwise, I am happy that instead of sitting across the cities, my dad is
sitting in the next room and working (I miss him when he travels). My mom in not preoccupied with her classes, workshops, writing and has much more time for me. And most importantly my sister is forced to spend time with me and not goofing off with her friends. And let me tell you a secret, though we fight a
lot, I kind of like spending time with my sister.

I am also enjoying the kitchen time. I baked batches of different kind of cookies for the first time from the scratch. And to be very honest I love seeing the pride welling up my parents’ and sister’s eyes! Their looks shout out at me , “ How could our li’l Tua do this?”. (Well, Tua, is my pet name, like many other

Even in this time of distress, we have a reason to be proud. Our healthcare workers all around the world are working twenty four-seven and due to them a huge number of patients have recovered. Even though there is no vaccine for this, doctors and scientists are pouring their time and putting their lives in

I feel we need to stay positive to support their hard work and dedication. And however boring it may be, being quarantined can help us tide over this terrifying time. If we can strictly maintain social distancing for a while, it could dial down the disease a bit and bring us some hope. The boredom is endless and extremely depressing at times. Adding to my frustration my mom keeps
saying” it’s ok to be bored”. She has even written an article on that! Sometimes it is really hard to understand the adults!!

Though she has a point; boredom has led me to explore many sides of me ,
which I wouldn’t have done otherwise, like making chicken quesadilla for my over worked parents (from scratch), making brownies for my sister who can die for a Theobroma brownie. And most importantly, I never knew I can clean the kitchen like a pro after making a mess! My mom says she will take a training session from me. I can’t think of a better accolade.

Nonetheless, I really miss my friends . I miss school and I miss the routine. I miss my basket ball classes, the court and the excitement of a tournament. Although when I try to put myself in to routine nowadays, I just don’t follow it. My best friends and I face time a lot, but it doesn’t have the same feeling. I miss being with them, screaming, shouting, laughing and jumping around with them. However, I have the entire day to day dream and do things which I was not allowed before the lock down, like reading story books till late in the night !

Over all, I feel the even though this virus has frustrated me ,scared me , bored me but I got to know a ‘me’, I didn’t know before. It has also made me patient, creative and hopeful and most importantly made me love spending time with my sister who may have to leave home and stay in a hostel in another city in
less than a year’s time for her higher education.

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  1. Wow this is incredible. Love your thoughts and salute your vocabulary. You are an amazing human being, so pure and fluttery. Just like a butterfly. God bless you Anusha.

  2. Loved reading it Tua!! Could actually visualise you speaking your thoughts!! Well done and keep making us proud:)

  3. Tua…..this is absolutely incredible ! I am completely bowled over by your thoughts, reflections and retrospection !! You expressed it so well, that to me also it felt as if you are right in front of me , narrating this piece . Love you dear …super proud !!!!

  4. I really liked reading how you have discovered ‘Me’ in this time of the deadly pandemic Coronavirus. Good you are enjoying the lock down to stay home and of course admitting of missing your friends. Keep up this writing skill. Wish you all the best

  5. Can I borrow a bit of honesty, a wee bit of your kitchen skills and another scoop of vocabulary from you?

  6. What an awesome weave of words and expressions…straight from the heart. And another side of her that’s not mentioned is scripting ….genes do play out in very many ways!!

  7. Awesome weave of words and expressions, straight from the heart… filters. One more discovery of the ‘me’ is on the ‘scripting’ skills. Afterall, genes do play out in very many ways. Keep up the great writing Tua!!

  8. One of the best read I hv come across in so many days now.Infact what makes Tua’s essay special is the reflection of her innocence and curiosities while putting up her best sail to ride the wave rediscovering her new self smoothly sailing into becoming even better version of herself .Way to go girl. Keep writing.There’s a whole wide and world to explore and experience.Blessing and loads more love beta.

  9. Very well thought and expressed , enjoyed reading every word…. looking forward to many more !!! Keep it up Anusha !!!

  10. What a beautiful write up, Tua! I am overwhelmed. Your observations, perception of the situation and your feelings of respect for the health workers are praiseworthy. Lots of love,Tua. Little Tua has really grown up in thoughts and in works(in kitchen) also. God bless you.

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