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#SaraReads #GratitudDuringCovid: Essay- Fast Forward to 2075

#Sarareads stories for kids by young author Mahiraa

…. In year 2075…
“Grandma! I had spread worldwide, my teacher said it was one of the most paramount slices of history. It just piqued my curiosity so much that it just impelled me to ask you more about it as you have experienced that time, can you help me out?”.

“Oh dear, I am just so contented that you want to expand your horizons, I can definitely tell you more about it. It is still in my mind crystal clear as it was something that was the most unforeseen moments of my life.
Though there were a lot of theories associated with covid-19, but most probably it came from bats. It was a completely new corona virus for our immune system to detect so it became even more difficult to handle it.

“But, grandma couldn’t people just have stayed away from each other?”.

“You should not prejudge the worth or value of something like that. If it was that easy to cure or prevent, millions of people wouldn’t have died, millions wouldn’t have moaned in the pain of losing their loved ones, it wouldn’t have turned into a pandemic, the conditions wouldn’t have gotten worse by the days leading to something which was completely unexpected-quarantine for months. It was something no person in my generation had ever expected or

I was completely disconsolate at first. I had never ever missed going out of my house in nature for fresh air, that much as I did at that point of time in my life. Staying all day at home within the four walls of the room staring at my gadgets screen was the everyday life before. But at that point of time, I was literally staring out of the windows having the urge to go out, outside the window, the sight was very unpleasant and not at all what it was supposed to be like. It was
completely bizarre to see the clear monotonous sight with no car accidents or people growling at each other, no cacophonic markets or no kids playing in the park. The swing just swinging with the warm wind of spring.

All of this just seemed completely abnormal. But as days passed, some drastic turn of events took place. The air got cleaner as the factories closed, no cars on streets and the water in rivers cleaned, stars were visible in the hover above us in the noiseless night. All the things, we human kinds could not give nature. Maybe there was still hope, maybe there was still light in that darkest of the time.

It was time to show optimism in that frightening time. Everything had changed so much. But honestly, the best part was spending time with family, in the busy world with no leisure time, the attachment with our family was buried somewhere deep down our hearts. And to gain back those bonds spending time was necessary. I had never gotten so close to my family.
Technology had never been so essential. They said no gadgets in school, but now school was in gadgets. Technology has its own pros and cons, but technology was somewhere keeping us away from one another by breaking our social interactions with the world and making us isolated beings having discourteous and condescending tones without realizing. I showed some
sanguinity and helped my conscientious mother with chores and other work.”

“Grandma, all that sounds petrifying but it’s really remarkable to see you trying your best for to stay happy in such difficult time. But how did everyone finally get out of that stressful time?”.

“The cure was something no one even thought of. It wasn’t a medicine or a vaccine, it was “we”.
“We” was the cure to the massive problem.
When all the countries finally realized that unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. When the power of love overpowered the love of power, the world knew peace.

When we all dropped are selfish acts of not just thinking as a nation but as a world, as humans, we started taking things meticulously. All the health
organisations in the world started interacting. But not just government or doctors, we fellow citizens we also a part of this.

We united in our actions, not physically come together at that point because that would just have made the situation worse, but we all started thinking about “others” first.
Covid-19 somewhere gave the world a hope for unity as all the counties wanted to be free from it. Every being took little steps of just doing to smallest of things, just not coming in contact when having common cold or symptoms, not going out especially when sick, avoiding meat hence animal cruelty.

Just these little steps when we came out of “me” and became “we”, the bewildered problem found its path to the exit. We realized the reason why the world lacked “unity” and lies in broken and in heaps was because man was disunited with himself.

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