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Covid Delta – Lessons from the pandemic for the future

Covid story by kids Bookosmia
We could walk around without hiding our faces. No excessive soaps and sanitizer traces..
We could shake our hands 
or hug each other, say..
Beautiful, amazing times were they.”
“But grandma, all that seems so normal and okay,
Why do you call it a beautiful day?”
Because no one knew, neither did we worry of what was about to come, 
No one knew that nature would punish us and then some!
It was never predicted that humanity will be threatened this way, 
But what option did we have, other than to take sudden measures, say?”
“But isn’t it difficult to act so suddenly, to take unprecedented measures, you talk too strangely.”
We were scared, won’t lie to you, 
It’s scary to slow down because it gives you time to think too.
 was scared because I wasn’t sure I would like what I saw if I stared in the mirror long enough, but, slowly, I began to unpack years worth of confusing thoughts that had been weighing on me.
I realized that I will only ever be a fraction of what I can be for my friends and my family until I find my purpose in life. I believe that those who are most grounded in life have the strongest relationships: the type that transcend manmade borders and time zones.
And I know that the deepest source of gratitude for life comes from helping make the world a better place, no matter on what scale.
Strong people and strong communities are built not by words, but through actions. In today’s world, there is an unsettling imbalance between moral character and power in the world, which is why it is more important than ever to be a different type of role model.”
“Grandma, I see that time unseen by me,
You used COVID – 19 as an opportunity to gain peace of mind, didn’t you?”
“COVID-19 has shown me that the answers to the world’s biggest problems may not arise in the classroom. I believe those answers lie in the ability to seek new areas of knowledge and connect disciplines in combinations never before seen.”
“So what did you do about it,
How did you act when the world was that badly hit?”
“Mankind has been facing unprecedented times since the beginning of life. The early man had to face many life-threatening scenarios. There were wars, accidents, diseases and epidemics. Man learnt to deal with those challenges.
 Unprecedented times always made man a better human being. He learnt deeper insights in unprecedented times only.
We didn’t panic, neither did we cry, 
The wait was worth it, and don’t ask why. 
No one lost hope and that’s when we try, 
To bring out the best in us, that’s when we strive.
In the rush to get back to normal, I took the time to decide, what part of normal is worth rushing back to.”
covid story by kids bookosmia


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